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 Just checking in with our fellow rink buddies! see who's doing what and if you are starting to get ready for rink season?

We are looking forward to a new season, new memories and alot of fun!

 Hoping everyone had a wonderful summer and a safe on as well!

  N who can't wait for the HOCKEY (NHL) season to begin!!!!! 

    Happy Rink building 

     From your hockey buddies at

   Bunton Backyard Rink!!!

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Clearing the pool out, picking up the summer toys, thinking when do I place my liner order and can I get netting this year. Thinking about getting a 4X8 sheet of wood and painting a net with a goalie on it for each end. give the kids more skating room. Watching the weather oh when to start the bulding

Can't wait to start (local Kids hockey start this week)

Adding some signage :)

Thinking of ways to save Ice space and had the follow Idea

Take a 4X8 sheets of plywood and paint it White

then paint a 6X4 Hockey Net and paint a Life size Goalie on it

One on each end will add 3-4 feet of skating room

I had 3 nets on the Ice last year two 5x4 ones and one full size

I’ll keep one full size net for practice


Also thought maybe a small shooting Ice pad about 8X16 at the side of the rink

Suggestions or Other Idea’s welcome

I'm ordering my new liner tomorrow.  My son and I measured the yard. It was 28x48 last year. We're going 42x62 this year. I hope to add boards this season.  Next year, I plan to get one of those Fatheads that stick on the pavement. However, I'm going to put it on a slice of plexiglass, put some ice down, put the plexiglass down, and then put another coat over that.  I'd love to put up a Bruins' logo. I know my son would love a Whalers' or Hurricanes' logo. We'll see. I'm using last year's liner to cover over logos, etc. on the ice and keep the sun from melting it.

I started clearing out my wife's garden, I even moved the compost bin out of there (that alone will make my rink 5' wider than last year) Next I need to move the raspberry plants. Moving them will allow me to add 10-12' in length also. The kids (and I) are gonna love the bigger surface.

48x20 last year, hoping for 60x25 this year

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