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To warm for too long

Oh well, will start planning for next year. some things I tried this year worked well

1: Used a Board for the bottom step the water had to just touch it to know I had enough water.

1a: Saved about 4 inches of water over 25X50 rink.

2 Ran the liner up the fence and tacked it on Look OK and didn't fall back into the rink

2a didn't run enough off one side cause the wind to pick it up and toss onto rink

3: New lights nice and bright but got them late and put them in the wrong spot

3a Light placement left a DARK Spot as they were not high enough

3b Add more Light next season earlier and higher up

4: Setup when quicker with the use of a simple line put in first.

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Oh sure let have -10 for 5 days in March What the heck is with this. I already drained the rink


I broke down my rink over the weekend.  It was long overdue.  It was my first year and I was initially quite stubborn about not breaking it down until April 1. 

Due to my first year building a rink, definitely need reminders for next year:

Clean the yard better prior to fill day.

Do an ice thickness ruler next year (otherwise known as NO ONE gets on the rink until frozen)

Try to order liner and anything I am adding next year from local store EARLY due to shipping $$(I got my NiceRink in a box cheap but when was going to order the bumper caps was surprised by the shipping cost. I contacted a local supplier but he was done ordering for the season.)

Watch the NiceRink instructional DVD again before building next year.  

Tips I learned this year I don't want to forget:

Be a bear for yard maintenance during the rink season and no one dirties the ice due to excessive on/off.

Indoor bin during the season for hose and nozzle.

Place boards out before hammering in stakes to get better joint match up.

Hair blow dryer to meld the patch tape to the liner.

Tooting my own horn:  Good first effort, worth every penny and minute.  

Goals for next year:

Increase size of rink by 4 x 4.

Better lighting

Better prep area for getting on/off ice.

I am in the Chicago area and was excited for my first effort due to the winter forecast and was disappointed by the weather but hoping for better next year.

Definitely found I am one of those who spends more time on yard maintenance and with the hose during rink season!

(My kids just came in from playing baseball in the yard to watch Wednesday Night Rivalry)

Daniel robitaille said:

Oh sure let have -10 for 5 days in March What the heck is with this. I already drained the rink


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