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Decided to put in a 24x44 rink into my backyard, having someone do this with 2x12's (just don't have time due to work unfortunately!).  They will also fill it using pool water.

Have a couple "newbie" questions:

1. What do folks recommend for a resurfacer?  Costco has the Nicerink one for $269, ironsleek/rymar has theirs for $116.  Checking with Rinkrake as they seem to have a cheap one at $14.95?  Curious what the major differences are given the huge price gaps?  I have a hose with both hot and cold water that I can use (from the garage).

2. Any tips for shoveling?  Anyone try using some sort of snow blower or is that not recommended given the weight of it (even smaller ones)?  Presumably we should get rid of the snow ASAP?


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Full disclosure:  this is only my second year so I am a newbie myself.

1.  I have found a sunny day to be a good resurfacer.  Otherwise, I just use a hose nozzle on shower function (at regular temperature, I do not have heated water) to spray down the rink at night.  I am in the Chicago area and not sure if the relatively warmer temps may make this impractical in other areas.  

2.  My only tip is don't get on the rink to shovel until the rink is fully frozen (or enough to support your weight).  Yes, shovel snow ASAP.  We just use a shovel but I don't see why you can't use a blower as long as you are frozen solid, or at least enough to support the weight.

Snowblower as long as you have 4 inches of ice, the weight is not an issue. I use one when there is a lot of snow. You still have to shovel .

Rinkrake I made mine out of parts from homedepo and a dishtowel. for about $20 hose.

Real it a price point most work well for that they do.

Thanks Daniel, any link to the rink resurfacer build?

The YouTube link is a great one, I built mine and it's going on 4yrs now and no problems. You can do a simple "T" but the pvc can flex and crack in cold full loop on bottom is tons stronger.

Thanks guys. Another question...what if anything are folks using as a runner on the grass to the rink? Was thinking of putting something down that kids can walk on with their skates and I can shovel?

Wood works or a Rubber Runner or old carpet, even thick cardboard

If Outside Wet the Carpet down and it not going anywhere

I lay Old carpet on my deck,and a runner just inside the door.

Many years ago MY Parents would put 2-3 layers of cardboard down thru the house to the bath room.

Steve said:

Thanks guys. Another question...what if anything are folks using as a runner on the grass to the rink? Was thinking of putting something down that kids can walk on with their skates and I can shovel?

Thanks guys, maybe a couple of these will work?

Next Q, looking at this from Costco,

But seems expensive for a protective net?  Anything at Home Depot that would compare?

check out deer barrier netting.

Usually locate it at the big box stores or online.

Not going to stop a slapshot but does a good job protecting cars and windows from loose pucks.

Hey guys, looks like the guys I used to do the rink are coming by tomorrow to flood the rink.  They don't seem concerned with the pending snow storm on Friday (3-5cm between Thurs night and Friday).  

This being my first time, and with the rink just being flooded tomorrow, is there anything I can even do Friday evening when I get home as I would imagine the water won't be frozen by that point?

Is this just a few handy guys that you pay to help set up and keep your rink going? Or a company that really does this for a lot of ppl?

I flooded mine today (Wed) around 5pm knowing the temp was going to be cold enough to freeze overnight and be frozen for the snow that’s on its way

Personally I avoid flooding (any amount of water) when there is snow on the way

Snow on top of water that hasn’t froze yet will make for a very rough/slushy mess when it freezes

I am honestly surprised they are flooding before a snow storm bringing 5-10cm of snow

I could be wrong tho, and maybe someone who’s done it/experienced this before chimes in to offer some more solutions

If they do flood, not sure there is much you can do

Good luck


No, it's a service, they're flooding a whole whack of them today.  Said he's done it all the time with no issues...

Have a scraper on order, and a resurfacer, ave a feeling I'll be needing them.  Don't think they'll get here by tomorrow though.

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