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To all my Great Lakes brothers and sisters.

Here is my forecast for the next 10 days:

Gave the rink a long last look before shutting off the lights this evening.

Probably start on all of the projects that I've neglected the past few months.  The amount of limbs in my yard that have fallen from high winds make it look like a tornado went through.  Probably start there.

What do you do during a thaw?

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I go to the Hockey rink, And like you clean the back Yard up

Looks like I should've said "unhappy" thaw.  My deep end ended up having a board blowout.  Simple stake system and both stakes snapped at the ground level.  Luckily I was outside and saw it before I lost too much water.

Next year I'll be building those fancy braces on the deep end for sure... Might even start making them this week before it gets cold again.

One thing is for sure, the ground is crazy soft right now!

Here's hoping we can get back to skating soon.

The Cold returns tonight with a nighttime low of -1 and by the Weekend -10

Let the Skating return :)

To much warmth the corner is weak on the high side bring on the cold looking for -10 on Saturday


January how about a February Thaw

-12c tonight +9c next day Very odd year for temps

I'm afraid the whole season is done here in SE Michigan.  The past two winters have been really bad for skating, although at least this season started out promising.  I'll admit, it's got me debating whether or not the whole thing is worth the effort and $.

WE are done in Whitby, Ontario  +13 tomorrow should remove the last bit of Ice out of the rink

Did get a second few weeks after the last warm spell.

Will drain this weekend as the kids are playing in the (rink)pool of water

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