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Leak under ice level on deep end of rink...Help...

I have a 28  by 75 rink, and this is my first year doing it so am learning a lot. The first month was great and we had awesome ice, using hot water at night to refinish the surface. We had a warm spell, and after shifting of ice/water, I have a leak under the ice line creating an issue.


Our rink is 14 inches of ice on one side and three on the other, so ground is not level. When I add water at night, it is leaking out from the bottom of corner of the deep side, as it goes around the ice in between the liner and ice. I can't get the water level high enough to make level ice anymore, and can't patch the liner.


Any ideas on how to "dam" up that corner so that the water will rise high enough to freeze and get the rink level again?


Thanks in advance, Jeff.

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i had the same problem as you. the ice eventually fractured because there was no water supporting it and the ice had a big slope. to fix it i cut a piece of extra liner and placed it directly on the ice in the corner that was leaking. i flooded it to level it out and let it froze. no more leak. hope it helps.

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