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looking for advise on how to recover from a leak and a big thaw

So it has been incredibly mild here in the Boston area over the past week or so. We had a leak in our liner and have lost a heck of a lot of ice / water. We are now at a point where we have some exposed liner showing in our shallow end.

I think that I can find and patch the hole(s) in the liner at the shallow end, but I'm not sure how to proceed when the temperatures finally drop back down below freezing. I still have a good size slab of ice in the deep end, I presume that if I simply add enough water to cover the liner in a few of inches of water the slab will float and we will have difficulty getting back to a level rink.

Have you any tips on how to proceed?

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I went out and patched the liner... turns out that I had three golf ball size holes, that look like they were eaten out by a squirrel, field mouse or some other animal.. My daughter said that she yelled at a squirrel that was on the liner today.

This weather is brutal, it looks like we will have to wait about a week before we get weather that is good for making ice, and we may have some more melting.

Hopefully you got some liner tape you heat it and it basically becomes one with the liner
I use a heat gun but a hair dryer would also work
Once you patch it I would flood it to the level you need
Freeman's plastic in Dorchester has the tape right off of 93 its a must have!!!

I patched it with liner tape (which came with the nice rink kit that we bought last year) but didn't know about heating it....
I'm heading out with a hair dryer and an extension cord right now!
Thanks Stephen!

All you want to do is activate the glue
I haven't dealt with nice rink tape mine is the same as boat liner and the tape is made of the same material
Good luck

I think it must be the same kind of tape. A little heat made a world of difference, the tape is firmly bonded with the liner. I owe you a beer sir!

I've set my alarm and will start the fill very early tomorrow morning. I suppose the logic is to get her filled to keep the animals away from the liner?

Add your water to Float the Slab and don't worry about Level till the cold returns

Once it does you can top the low side up. Let freeze and then flood all over

Try not to Water the High side at first or you may make shell ice as the water will run off to the low side

So I patched, heated to activate the glue and flooded the rink, floating my slab.
Then I marked the level on the liner, less than 24 hours later I'm down about an inch. It seems that I have at least one small leak in the liner. It appears to be in the general area where we patched, which makes sense. I bet those pesky rodents put a few small nicks in the liner in addition to those giant holes.

Any tips on how to locate and fix these small leaks?

I found a few very small holes by inspecting the water line. I'm filling again now. If it still leaks I'm thinking that I will mix some food coloring with water and put a couple of drops into the water in the hope that it leads us to the leak.

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