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I am looking for ideas for rink lighting. This is only our second year building a rink, we don't have much in the way of lighting other than a shop light.

Our rink is ~150 feet from the house but we do have power next to it.

My girls have suggested getting lights like these:

If we were to do that we would need to build something to hang them from. Which may not be easy given that the ground is frozen. I wonder if maybe I could put some poles in the 3.4inch stake holes in our nicerink brackets.

We may end up adding another shop light stand with outdoor rated floods. It would certainly be simpler.

I would be very interested in your suggestions and/or photos of your setup.

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I used four $10 each Walmart clear flood lights and mounted mine on a 4x4 post on a stake in the ground. The ground wasn't frozen when I set mine up.

I put flood lights on top of 16' 4x4's.  I also have one mounted to a tree branch and some hanging lights.  Photos of the set up are here and here.  I spent a little extra on LED floods.  

This guy's post on his website was particularly helpful for me.

I hang 3 strings of Christmas lights across the back side of my rink in the middle I have a 16 foot 2X4 to keep them up high, Some years I hang Colour Christmas Spots up for more lights
But I cheat as I have a Streetlight just off the back yard

I also have the Floodlights on a stand $40-$50 for when they want it real Bright

Thanks guys, I went out and bought some cheap electrical conduit that fits into the nice rink brackets. I have those lights coming from amazon in the next day or so. I hope to get it all setup this weekend, I'll post a pic when its all rigged up.

I went with those amazon lights on 10ft electrical conduit that are held up using the nice rink brackets. I managed to complete the project just before the snow storm hit us here in Boston today.

I'm pretty happy with the results.

Wow! That looks awesome!  Love the way the lights lean in over the rink.  Looks like great place to skate.  

Looks great! Nicely done.

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