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Over the past week we have had:

1. a small snow storm 2 inches or so, followed by a mix of rain and freezing rain.

2. 1 foot of snow two days later

3. another foot of snow over the weekend.

I was out of town working for 1 & 2, so I got the snow blower out, cleared the rink and decided that it was good enough and that instead of shovelling it down to the ice by hand we would just add water to melt the little bit of snow that remained.

I think I underestimated how much packed snow was there, now that I'm filling I'm finding that I have a slushy mix in the water.

spot the inexperienced rink builder!

I am tempted to boil up several large buckets of water and throw that into the mix...

Should I stop adding water, or keep going until I have the whole thing covered? 

Any advice on how to get back to level from here? 

this is what it looks like tonight.


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Frank it happens even after 10 years of rink building I still do the odd thing

If it cold enough to freeze and you have room add water Slushy will freeze and can be water again

If it Warm and sunny leave it for a day and see what the sun does to "fix it" next Cold night Top it up

Frozen but bumpy Toss Hot water on it and Kids with skates

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