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The cold weather has returned to Ontario

Jumped on it Friday and did a watering to fill in all the holes from twigs and leafs on the Ice. (That Just adding cold Water)

Saturday the Rink look great but for the one corner (Melt was a bit much on the Highside)

Kids out for 4-5 Hours on Saturday did another watering and Sunday you would not know there had been a warm spell Kids out all day.

So What the Status of Your rink? come February 1st 2017

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Had some issues... it snowed and I got out there late to shovel it.  So, had a slush corner that I ended up leaving alone until we get some real cold this week.  

When it gets really cold (tomorrow maybe) going to do a few bucket dumps of cold water to try to get an even base again.

Kids were out on the ice Sunday, though... Nice to be back!

Cold weather finally returned to the Boston area this week. Our pond had just about frozen back into a rink when it snowed last night. I went out to shovel this morning and unfortunately the ice gave way in a corner.. Its going to get cold again tonight, I am hoping that it will freeze up enough that I can dump some buckets and try to get back level.
I am hoping that we will be skating by the weekend.

Early spring here we go! Status of our rink = dead.. 

Nooooooooooooo say it not so there still a month of very cold weather coming

 Got some cold weather here in Chicago but the 10 day looks for skating :( The season started out so good too.

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