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10 Day MN Forecast, when to throw down the liner and start filling!

Hey guys, boards are up and set for another outdoor rink season!  This is my third year making a backyard rink but I've yet to run into this particular scenario this early in the season.  I have a 42 x 90 rink that I plan to pickup my liner for during the day tomorrow.  MN is expected to get anywhere from 5 - 8 inches of snow on Monday the 10th. 

Here's the forecast for the next 10 days starting on Monday, with heavy winds and snow, do I put the liner down and take the moisture from that snow and fill water into it or will I just have a slushy mess? 

Here are the forecasted highs and lows.

Monday- 22/28  (5-8 inches of snow)

Tuesday- 7/27

Wednesday- 11/26

Thursday- 6/25

Friday 3/25

Saturday 7/24

Sunday 9/20

Monday 4/18

So my problem is, the snow that comes on Monday isn't going to melt anytime soon and I have a stretch of nice lows to produce some good ice.  Do I throw the liner down on Sunday and catch the snow or am I stuck with letting the snow fall and having to clear it off the rink, then lay down the liner?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, unfortunately haven't had to deal with snow arrival before I had a nice solid ice base. 

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Toss the liner down and catch the snow it will help fill the rink and easier than removing snow later

If it get very cold overnight you could be skating soon than last year.


Thanks for the reply but I needed it last night, snow is flying, it's a wet, heavy snow and we're expecting 10-13 inches of it.  I know it will be a complete pain in the butt but with the wind blowing 15-25 mph, I did the right thing in waiting, now I will need about 15 volunteers to clear the 42 x 90 ft surface.  :)

I think I probably would have put it down and put some water in it to hold it down for the wind. The snow would have melted. Remember that an inch of water is about 8-10 inches of snow. We're in Iowa. My liner is due to arrive on Wednesday. As soon as it comes, I'm putting it down and getting the hoses out. I can't wait.


I think you did the right thing. Big, wet, heavy snows are tough on ice making. It often makes a very rough service that takes time to fix. It also is tough to freeze and ends up being slushy in the bottom. Snow is a great insulator and makes it very hard for water to freeze hard. The way the snow and wind came during this storm I think you will be happy to shovel/snowblow the snow out and drop the liner.


I agree that I think I made the right call, 2.5 hours of a skid loader and lawn tractor clearing the snow from the rink last night but I'm in a much better spot now then I would've had a filled and had 2 feet of snow in 3/4's of the rink after the 25 mph winds for about 24 hours.  

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