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Does anyone know when/if they will be voting on contest? My neighbors/friends keep asking what's up.

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Hey Chris, I could be wrong, but I am sure I read in the contest rules that they needed a minimum of 30 entries in order to hold the contest and make it legit. Based on the sign up page on the contest website, they didn't have 30 names. And even then, I believe there was only about 4 or 5 videos entered. I missed the boat and didn't get mine entered on time. Did you try emailing the administrator to get an answer?

I like others took the contest seriously as the prize was quite substantial. We have all read the disclaimers about the numbers required to make the contest official. Regardless, this contest was handled poorly and in my personal opinion very unprofessionally. I am pretty new to the community and i am now questioning the site as a whole. At the very minimum, the site should have posted something immediately to let people know that the contest was not official.  They could have done their due diligence and at least awarded a consolation price and thanked all for participating. I am an avid backyard rink enthusiast and i am not impressed at all with this site, regardless of their personal/self proclaimed accolades. I am most upset that the site let my children down. They anxiously awaited some notification of something and were terribly disappointed by the lack of communication by this site. Besides getting to correspond with a backyard rink legend for his home zamboni design and creative ideas, the site itself has been a great disappointment in not meeting my own standards and personal expectations.  

I am sorry you feel this way and your points are valid. I can not speak for the site or the administrators. I however found this site enjoyable to a part of this past season, and liked that I was able to communicate with others, offer advice and take some ideas away for next year. You have a choice to visit the site or not, and are certainly entitled to your opinion. Best of luck in the future. Sounds like we probably won't be hearing from you next season.
I think you misunderstood me so please let me clarify. The rink enthusiasts on this blog are amazing and sharing ideas with other like minded enthusiasts is fantastic. I simply don't like making excuses for the admins of this site, nor am i prepared to let them off the hook so easily for their very poor handling of the "win a rink(*asterisk) contest. I have no intention of cutting myself off from the community blogs where there are good and kind people like yourself with the common goal of building a rink in their community that they love and share with others. I didn't want the site to get off free of any criticism when they clearly deserve a fair share for their poor handling of the contest that never was. My time and all of the people who did anything extra in time and effort for this contest deserve an apology...plain and simple. However, like my rink, i will chill out and i won't mention this issue again. I thank you for getting involved in the discussion in the first place and i can't wait to see your rink in the future as it is a beauty for sure!
Totally understand. Thank you for the clarification. As for a rink next year, not sure at this point. My home was in the Beacon Hill neighborhood area in Fort McMurray. It was the hardest hit. Pretty sure it's all gone and absolutely destroyed. The city looks like a war zone from a movie. Need to take it one day a time once this fire has past.
Hello Kris. I felt compelled to respond to your May 4th comment for two main reasons. The first reason being is my heart goes out to you, your family, and all those affected by the terrible fires and devastation of Fort Mcmurray and surrounding areas. I hope the situation is improving every day.
Second, i simply wanted to mention that responded to one of my emails about an official stance on the contest. As we had expected, the rules were specific and the contest was never validated. The owner was quite surprised that there wasn't enough entries but understandible, considering the tough year weather wise. . In saying that, i wanted to make it known that the site listened to my concerns about future communication with these contests and made me feel like they truly value us. The site fully recognized and continues to appreciate our enthusiasm for this wonderful hobby we take on every year. I just wanted to let you know that the exchanges were very positive and it renewed my faith in the site, and i now better understand their commitment to this backyard ice rink industry. Thanks again and take care.
Thanks for the follow up information. So great to hear that they reached out to you and restore your faith. Very decent of them to do that. As for our situation, it's been devastating but we are excited for the future and to rebuild. Not sure if we will have a rink this winter, but you can be assured I will still be actively engaged in the community and looking to connect and be a supporter. Thanks for your well wishes and thoughtfulness.

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