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Everyone in North East, how are you holding up with the thaw?

Lost almost all my ice and the wind last night lifted liner in shallow end caused a few rips causing me to lose about an inch or two of water as well. They are patched and I hope the hold. Supposed to be a cold Feb.. This is frustrating but hey I've been doing this for 7yrs and it's not going to stop me. Time to get trash pump out and start pumping the pond this coming weekend.

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4 day of Skating and back to waiting for the cold +11C tomorrow but forecast is for -10 next week

just a late January thaw. did have some water lost reusing old liner to save cost.

once the cold is back will set hose to mist to rebuild ice

I am in North East Alberta, does that count? Still skating and usable ice since Nov 27th.  although one day of warm temps last week made the ice a bit soft and wet and we decided not to use it that day. Temps back down to -20oC now so the water is still hard and cold.  Good on you Chris for not giving up on Lane Center.  Sorry to hear about the frustration with the un-cooperative weather.  But after 7 years, you know how it goes.  Good luck on the rebuild and re-freeze and I'll be hoping for a cold February for you to finish off the season on a good note. Stay positive bud.



It's been in the 40s and 50s here in Connecticut. Following the storm here 2 weeks ago the ice was a mess but all this warming and 1/2" of rain predicted for tomorrow has pretty much smoothed things out. I'm hoping for another few weeks of cold so the kids can get back out there. This is our first rink and I've learned a lot. We just hope to get more out of it before figuring out how to store everything.

On the rink last night lots of holes due to leafs on the ice pick out what I could

forecast was to be +13 and rain today so it will refill the rink

Look to be only +9 and rain heading back to zero over night

then cold snap coming for 2 weeks hope to be skating by the weekend in ontario

I love your optimism Daniel, I sure hope your right! I'm west of you near Clinton Ontario and since Sunday we have lost about 4 inches of ice, can't even really tolerate looking out the window towards the rink, weather is not really cooperating this year much.

Tom I have to be

I have 3 boys just waiting to skate once the ice is ready.

I've had years skating in Nov thru to April and other were only 2-3 day in Jan again 4-5 in Feb

I have learn to plan and build to hold the water for 5 months and let mother nature to it.

It hard this year as I have a hole and lose water on warm days (new liner next season)

once I have Cold will top it back up

Im in hamilton and I lost everything. What is cool, is now I have a shallow swimming pool. A kiddie wading pool....

This was my first go and boy did I choose a bad year. Im still thinking positive and I see next week we should get a cold spell. I had a sheet of ice about 2 inches thick, 28 ft long and 2 feet wide floating in there last night.Positive thought people... well get through this and get another skate out of all our hard work....

Gong show out this way, but the thaw did allow me to find some surprise holes .. too bad it means we lost 3-4" of water.

Re-freeze starts tonight. I have a corner that is pretty torn up and not sure my tucktape job was well enough. That will get a mist treatment first to freeze up and then I will hopefully top up the full rink. 

Hoping for skating by end of the weekend or Monday evening.

Wow, sounds like most of you are getting your butts kicked and worked over pretty good by mother nature.  I suppose I should be thankful the worst of my problems are having to shovel the snow of the rink every few days. I feel bad for all you folks that are having a rough time.  Hopefully y'all will get another blast of cold weather before winter is over. Good luck to all and keep at it.  Happy skating when you get back on the ice.


The cold is coming starting tonight at -5 and high tomorrow of -3

I so need cold weather loss 2 inches of ice last week, the liner is showing in spots

Ice making tonight and tomorrow and for the rest of the week

should be back on the ice for Monday family day

I am brand new here.

Can you tell me a little about your technique of setting the hose to mist to build ice?

Can you just set the hose to mist and leave it unattended pointed at the rink? or do you need to man it? 

The first couple of times that I added water to our rink I just ran the hose on cold and burned its way right through the ice. That sucked, but you live and learn - did I mention that this is my first year attempting to build a rink.

Daniel robitaille said:

4 day of Skating and back to waiting for the cold +11C tomorrow but forecast is for -10 next week

just a late January thaw. did have some water lost reusing old liner to save cost.

once the cold is back will set hose to mist to rebuild ice

In the years before I had a liner I would mist to add ice (20 inches) so I would just tie the hose to a chair and go back inside for 1/2 hour the back out move the chair to the next stop and repeat for 2-3 hours

point the hose up into the air and over the rink letting it fall as freezing rain.

If you only need a small area done then stand and hold the hose you can watch the ice build up

I two have done the leave the hose out and melt a hole in the ice

(did it again last night while adding 2 hours of water I lost a lot of ice to the warm weather)

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