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Everyone in North East, how are you holding up with the thaw?

Lost almost all my ice and the wind last night lifted liner in shallow end caused a few rips causing me to lose about an inch or two of water as well. They are patched and I hope the hold. Supposed to be a cold Feb.. This is frustrating but hey I've been doing this for 7yrs and it's not going to stop me. Time to get trash pump out and start pumping the pond this coming weekend.

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Thanks Daniel!

I misted for a while last night, I stood there with a beer in one hand and the hose in the other for a while, then I figured what the heck its going to be wicked cold over the next few days so I left it unattended and pointing up.

It worked out quite nicely, I gave the rink a nice dose of hot water with my bucket-boni this morning and it is starting to come back into reasonable shape. I think another few rounds with the bucket-boni and we will have a great surface.

Well we have very cold weather after the +15 week got back to the rink for a few days of skating

followed by snow, rain and warm temps but still keeping an eye on the rinks.

Out last night checking it over my small rink (10X20)one has lots of water under the ice that come up when I stand on it. Self flooding very cool.

my big one (25X50)will need a touch up as a few leafs have left holes to be patch but one cold nigh and we should be back skating. This weekend is looking good cool nights cool daytime temps.

My ice is still solid and no issues as of yet.  Last few days have been 0c or slightly above, and falling back to -7ish at night.  Calling for snow for the next few days followed by cold weather in minus double digits.  Hoping for a few more weeks at the best. 

Here in Rochester, NY we had a few good days of skating early this week, but now the rain has moved in.  :(

Ya Dan I'm about 40miles west of you same here. Getting waves of heavy rain but 34* is helping keep ice. Hope by Friday to be back on and getting a few more weeks out of it.

Much the same story ~400 miles to your east in the Boston area.

After temps as high as 60f/15c last weekend we had some over night lows that allowed the rink to freeze up enough that the kids were able to skate yesterday (when the high was 38f/3c). Rain has moved in today and tomorrow will also be warm. I am hopeful that it will be cold enough to skate again on Saturday or Sunday but it sure feels like the end is in sight.

We built our rink late in the season and we are first time rink builders. We had an awesome time and we are really looking forward to a bigger and better season next year!

I remain hopeful that perhaps the rain will leave us with a few more days of ideal conditions once things cool down again later in the week.  Fingers crossed!

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