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So unfortunately I was out of town when the storm hit the GTA on Wednesday.  Came back last night to an incredibly hard encrusted mix of frozen ice/snow on my rink.  No way would I be able to shovel it.

What do folks do in these cases?

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If you can walk on it with out breaking just water it make a few small holes so the water get under it.

You can try running water under it to turn the snow in to ice


Let the kids skate on it it will break up or NOT

I have the same issue going to look at this weekend

Well I lucked out waiting for the weekend the sun came out and it all turned to ice the Kids were able to just go skating.

Sometime it best to just wait I guess

I wasnt as lucky.. Had to shovel the top layer off and then resurfaced 4.times or so and it was good. Now of course am away again today coming back to another mess tomorrow... Argh!

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