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  • Let the kids steps on ice before it ready
    • Ice pieces float leaving a BUMP
    • FIX push floating ice piece under the ice
  • Snow on the ice let the kids walk on it
    • Foot print in the snow = bumps
    • FIX hot water or dark paint then to melt them down
  • Leaves in the water freeze into the ice
    • Sun will melt hole to it every day
    • FIX pull them out when it still water
    • FIX Wait for hole then remove and refill
  • Leave extra liner around the edge (windy day or laying on the water)
    • Laying on the water, Water under it does not freeze
    • Falls on windy day in losing water
    • FIX Cut to size after filling
    • FIX hold down with wood or brick so wind doesn't pick up.
  • NO kick board liner get cuts
    • NO kick board liner get cuts let water out
    • Fix patch or pile snow up around the edge

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Hi Daniel,

Great list!  I've made a few of those mistakes !

This is one thing that I make sure I watch out for after my ice is made and is ready to skate on:

  • Leave goal nets, sticks and/or pucks onto ice after skating, until next skate day
    • Sun/heat will melt ice to shape of the item left on ice
    • FIX: Remove items and either fill shape in ice with water directly, OR, pack snow into shape and then layer with water.

Let the kids on too early before getting 4 inches built up

The big one jump on the little one and broke thru

The rest is OK if just a single kid is on it.

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