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Just wondering if I'm jumping the gun a little bit, but there appears to be a stretch of days in the 10 day forecast that will be below freezing.  Starting Friday the 22nd through the remainder of the current 10 day.

Thursday 31/24

Friday 32/14

Sat 20/8

Sun 28/22

Mon 33/22

Tues 30/21

Wed 29/20

Thur 29/20


Anyone dropping a liner and starting the fill in the 49 degree day on Wednesday before the sharp change in temperatures!





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I was thinking the same thing.  I'm in the Chicago area and like the night time forecast for the next couple of weeks.  It may be a disaster and I may regret it, but I'm thinking of filling on Saturday when I have time.  I wish I did on Thurs or Fri.  Sure would be nice to get more of December on the ice.

You may get really lucky and have a very long skating season but if you fill be sure to have a swimming pool skimmer. This bout of cold will more than likely lead to some warm days when melting and wind will blow countless leaves into your new pool. Look through the picture files on this website from last year and check out the kid floating in the rink. I would resist the urge and watch long term weather for prolonged cold. Also, look at the average daily temps and watch for night temps low teens  or single digits and highs in the 20's.

I gotta get my boards up!

I won't say its ideal or anything close to a deep freeze, but temps right around freezing for high's during the day and 20's at night will get us something.  You know there will be that December snow storm that starts as rain first, then snow, then cause a mess, why not give it a shot since the worst case is some re-flooding?  Calculated risks! 

Thanks for the info guys. Now that I have a better understanding of the right temps for flooding, it looks like I can start next week. As long as it doesn't snow!

Seriously debating the idea myself, actually.   Problem is my boards are all still up in the rafters and I've got some flower beds to rid of leaves still.   If I can get that all done tomorrow (Weds) and get the boards up on Thurs, I just might try it.

Especially considering the forecast for the same period (below).   If the highs/lows hold, I'll probably just get my boards up and hold off until I see what next week or the first week of Dec brings.   If things look like they'll trend more like the temps, then I have a feeling I'll try to fill Friday.

I am in East-Central Wisconsin (Oshkosh) I have decided to drop my liner tomorrow morning and fill all day Friday. Temps, according to

Friday Night - 16

Sat - 24/9

Sun - 22/17

Mon - 36/25

Tues - 35/23

Wed - 34/21

Thanksgiving - 32/11

Friday - 30/13

Beyond that it is always hard to tell (beyond 48 hours its hard to tell, I know) but at the very least accuweather is calling for continued high temps in the mid 20s, lows in the low teens.  Im confident I can make a few inches this weekend and the slowly build it up.  Im just thrilled that I am filling exactly one month sooner than I did last year.

After seeing this post I checked out the forecast for Whitby,Canada and we too will have some cold weather for the next week so water is going in. the cold will hit tomorrow night.

Good luck guys! Have my fingers crossed for the earliest skate in the 9 years I've been doing this. Rink is slowly filling outside my window, so nothing to do now but sit here and have a beer while I resist the urge to run straight outside to pluck every small leaf I see the second it floats down onto my liner.

Luckily I have no tree close enough to catch a leaf, my only issue is the rusty brown colored water from the well.  :)  40 hour fill completed over the lunch hour, now just need that cold weather that was promised to start the freeze process.  Should give me enough time to rework my homboni configuration and add some additional supports to the far ends of the rink. 

Im three hours into the fill here in Wisconsin.  Every year (this is my third) I seem to do something different (read: wrong) this year it appears that the wrinkles in my liner were larger than I had anticipated and Im hoping those smooth out some.


The wind is definitely not doing us any favors in MN or WI at the moment so a wrinkle or two in the liner is to be expected.  I went to Menards and spent more money on clamps to hold down my liner than I thought was physically possible.  :)  Before next season I need to get some stock in plastics and clamps, at least in the cold weather climates. 

LOL, always something else to buy, right? I've got a few wind induced wrinkles in my liner as well, but usually find the water weight/pressure is enough to flatten the ones I can't get out by un clamping and pulling the liner tight by hand. Fortunately, the wind has started to die off in the last hour so hopefully that will slow down the blowing leaves too. Which is good, because I suspect Agent Orange is tough to get your hands on these days and I'm thinking the neighbors would take issue with me defoliating the block next summer.

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