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Just wondering if I'm jumping the gun a little bit, but there appears to be a stretch of days in the 10 day forecast that will be below freezing.  Starting Friday the 22nd through the remainder of the current 10 day.

Thursday 31/24

Friday 32/14

Sat 20/8

Sun 28/22

Mon 33/22

Tues 30/21

Wed 29/20

Thur 29/20


Anyone dropping a liner and starting the fill in the 49 degree day on Wednesday before the sharp change in temperatures!





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 That sucks... my yard has a huge slope too, so I trucked in 40 yards of top soil and built a retaining wall.
warren cheswick said:

An update...

Filling was going well, but I badly misjudged my slope. I used the string and line level but screwed up somewhere. Three corners have water in them, one does not. Deep end has 19 inches of water in it and that corner is under too much stress to put more water in. I'd rather have a rink in my backyard than nothing at all. Original design was 24x24, but we'll be a little short of that.

On the positive side, the ice is freezing nicely. I was able to walk on it tonight get the light snow off of it. Tomorrow I'll build a makeshift wall to prevent my kids from skating on the exposed liner. Turkey Day will be the first skate ever on the frozen 10,000 lakes +1. Thanks to all the research and help from reading this board we will have a rink in the backyard, even if it is smaller than originally designed.

Best of luck to everyone in the planning, preparing, filling, freezing stage.
New rink builder question...

I resurfaced the rink three days ago with a homeboni and hot water. I went to skate on it today, and along the edges are areas easily chip/ break with minimal weight.

Any ideas on how to prevent this from happening again?

I have seen this happen and my thoughts are; possibly a hole under the ice causing a slow leak after the top has started to freeze. Does the ice seem like bubble wrap at this spot? Or by using hot water you also used softened water which has salt in it and this caused a problem. Lastly, I have seen this happen while resurfacing on very frigid nights, very likely not the case. Just brainstorming.

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