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So filled my rink weeks ago, and way too early given the warm weather in the GTA.  The last few days I've noticed the water level is a lot lower than when I filled it, maybe 2" at the shallowest end now.  I've been flooding a bit with a hose on spray the last couple days, but not sure if there is a hole somewhere in the liner.  I don't see it (saw one the other day that I caused and taped it up as best I could).

Not sure what to do at this point with water levels so low and temps dipping to minus 10?  Can't really fill by hose as my pressure is so low it takes 12-14 hours to get a few inches on the rink.  Plus is that a good idea at this point?

Or should I just take out the hose every hour or so and add a thin layer of water to the rink as it freezes?

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Low pressure but want to add layers use a garden sprayer set on mist.

this will create freezing rain and  will build a layer where ever it lands

BUT  move the hose every 1/2 hour or you will build up a single area.

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