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My rink was ready the kids were Skating and them mother nature said "Let it Rain"

Oh and here 2 inches of snow first.

I was thinking what a mess the rink is going to be, the driveway and roadways sure were.

SO I waited for the rain to stop and the WIND to stop blowing like mad, kept the kids off it. OK time to check the rink

WOW it is like Glass out there but for a few leafs from the winds

Mother Nature just Zamboni my rink better than I could

SO Don't panic just because it warms up a bit, Wait and see you never know.

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I thought the same thing last week got an inch of rain then a dusting of snow I went to check the rink and clean off the one corner that had a dusting of snow on it. As I walked on the ice 1/3 of the rink was now was a .25 inch of shell ice. I started to scrape it but stopped. As I knew the weather would warm up and more rain is coming 5 days into the warm up the rain as filled in where the scraped shell ice was and another week of rain here in Chicago should have things ready once it starts to freeze again by late next week.

Cold weather will return by end of the month to the east and back to skating

It cannot come soon enough to the Chicago land. 

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