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Water always freezes too fast when resurfacing often leaving ridges.  Thinking of picking up propane tankless hot water heater to add to hose. Warm the water a bit,  smoothing out the ice. What do people resurface with cold or warm.   Canadian prairie winters are cold. 

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I usually use water more on the warm/hot side.  I find the hot water melts the imperfections and smooths the ice alot better than cold water.  It leaves a clear and smooth as glass finish. I run a hose from the house where I have a hot water tap in the basement.  I resurfaced the other night when it was -23c.  As expected, it was quite the shock to the ice and there was a lot of cracking.  But all was good and it is still skateable and even harder I think.  It's probably not a good idea to resurface when it is that cold out.  


Cold water will freezes faster the hot so in very cold weather it doesn't spread fast enough.

Hot water has more time to spread out before freezing 

So very cold use hot warmest use cold water.

I use a homemade T with a towel and both hot and cold depending on the temp.

I also use cold if I want to build up a layer of ice as once around and it ready for another go


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