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But so far away?  Was thinking maybe I could fill on Saturday, but looks like we go above zero from Thursday through the following week.

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oh close is right.  Important thing is to be patient and don't try to rush it.  Wait until the forecast is in your favor.  Good luck and looking forward to the updates

Yes it's important to wait. Proper temps are coming...

There a part of me that say Get it done NOW once frozen it will stand the warmth depends how deep it is.

Also they could be wrong a week out. check out the monthly view

So wrong it fringing cold outside Should have put water in on the weekend

Shoulda - Woulda- Coulda   it's always a gamble with ol' mother nature

Daniel robitaille said:

So wrong it fringing cold outside Should have put water in on the weekend

Yeah, still calling for 5 deg and sunny Sunday, and 4 degrees and rain on Monday though.  I'm away this weekend in any event unfortunately and was way to crammed this week to do anything.

Too bad as it was so cold last night and today maybe the base would have held.  I'll have a good 10-12" of water in the deep ends though.

I've been doing this now for about 10 years and find some years it freeze solid and the Warm days do nothing. Other years, the Warm soften it up too much. How windy it is on the warm day play a part in it or if the Sun is also out. 

Look at the Long term forecast (month out) and pick the next cold spell get it filled before that.

I can't think of a year where we have not been skating come Jan 1st and as early as Nov 28th.

They are calling for a cold season so should be a good rink year.

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