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Yes, it's that time of year already :(

With temperatures forecasted to reach into the 60s for a couple of days next week, but more importantly even when it settles back down the highs will be in the 40s and the lows in the low to mid-30s. So it seems like the season has come to an end. Earlier than I was hoping, but we still got an excellent 6 weeks or so out of the rink.

I've come across a tip for emptying the rink that I thought I'd pass along and see if anyone has tried it or has other recommendations. Since I want to empty it away from the actual rink so it doesn't flood my backyard or the neighbors. The idea was to use a hose, by placing one end in the rink and getting the flow started on the other end with the help of a Shop-Vac. That way I can allow the rink to drain downslope near where it'll flow toward a town drain. I would be using a 50' or 75' hose.

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Update: This method worked. You may have to cup your hand around the hose/shopvac connection to create a seal and force better suction, but it worked for me on a 50 ft hose.

I like the shop vac Idea

My trick for this one is fill the hose, plug both ends (with a stick)

put one in the rink and hold with a clip or rock, the other end goes downhill as far as I can

check I didn't pull it out of the rink which I have done

then unplug at the rink, then the downhill end let the water run.

water under has drain out need to wait for the ice to melt

can't walk on it it just break up

Rink 2018-19 is done

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