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So it's possible there won't be enough entrants to this years video contest but here is our entry.  We had a blast putting it together and we will have a bonus video of bloopers soon.

Our backyard season has been surprisingly good this year...not very cold but we had a good freeze early on and we face the North.  

Hope everyone is making some great memories on the ice.

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Ok, like seriously Tom?!?!? Nothing like setting the bar high. Your video's keep getting better every year. I have no idea how I am to top this work of art you have put together. Brilliant editing, great theme, use of nature, humour and drama make this a fantastic award winning Mybackyardicerink video. Well done family. Thanks for sharing. Hoping for many more happy skating days this season

Thanks Kris.  I took it down though.  Some of the audio did not get rendered.  I'll have it back up tomorrow when I can fix it.  
Hopefully it will inspire others to share their good times. 
Hi Tom,

Look forward to seeing it !

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