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In MN I set my liner and flooded in early November and the surface, as of last week, was absolutely gorgeous!  Then, why mother nature, why, 4 days above freezing including back to back 50 degree days and now it's raining, raining turning into snow after midnight with up to 3inches of accumulation.  Water pouring out one corner of the liner, ice level almost decimated, sick to my stomach as I anticipate the chore of starting all over again.  

We all visit this forum and take part in the community because we're passionate about continuing to make the perfect rink but this has to be an all-time low moment in my few years of flooding.  I need some positivity, I need prolonged cold weather in hopes that we have skateable ice in MN by Christmas, do you believe in miracles?

Herb, if you're out there, we could use a little help!


Have a good day everyone!  

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Keep the faith my Ice Rink Brother. Here's a little uplifter from You Tube. Think of it as going up against Mother Nature.

Miracle-Herb Brooks" Pre-Game Speech - YouTube


Chris, we had our earliest start ever on November 13th when temps were -10 for almost three days. The weeks that followed had temps in the 60's and 70's. We lost our ice in the low end corners as it evaporated in the high winds and harsh Colorado sun. One of my boards expanded so I lost some of my liner. We haven't skated since that cold weather in November.
Cold weather moved in last night (17 degrees) so I stayed up until midnight and rose early to work on rebuilding. We don't get rain here but we did get some wet snow. Cold temps at night are coming back here. When it's cold at night, that's when ya got to make it happen.
Good luck and may the backyard hockey rink Gods be with you.

I think we do it for the smiles on the kids' faces. The days/nights when the kids are enjoying the ice seems to make it all worth it.

Amen, thank you community, cleared the snow and now it's time to wait out some refreezing and then start reflooding!

Sounds like a familiar story.  I filled my rink about 3 weeks ago in anticipation of a week of sub freezing days.  I left for a few hours and my wife called to inform me that a city worker stopped by and was concerned with the water on the street next to the house, which happens to be a pretty busy road.  It turns out the soil was soft in the low corner, the boards gave way and 10 hours worth of water rushed out of the rink and onto the street.  He was calling a salt truck to avoid a frozen road.  

I reinforced the brackets and boards and have begun layering the ice.  The next 10 days look good for skating.  I could've bagged the rink this year but the kids were stunned when I told them we weren't going to be able to skate this year.

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