Atom scrimmage in Terrace

Atom scrimmage in Terrace

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  • Now that is pretty cool!!
  • How did you remove it? How deep are the lines installed? Very cool rink

  • ok cool thank you! i will check it out!! Much appreciated my Canadian rink buddie!! =D

  • I got it from the arena here, I did google it though and yes you can order a complete kit for rinks. I googled it but can't remember the company. You install it with a paint roller soaked in water. I've had to remove mine now because we seem to be having a warmer than normal winter and the rink was constantly melting ya the lines. :(
  • tissue paper? like normal tissue paper or is it special "rink" tissue paper? and if so can i order it from somewhere

  • It's the same tissue paper lines they use at the arena. I sawed mine in half with a very fine tooth blade because I didn't want a foot wide.
  • Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me what you use for your lines? 

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