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how do you fix a corner that is very shallow and cracks when you step on it

My rink has a 9 inch slope and I can not get ice in one of the shallow corners.   It freezes but then cracks when you step on it.  Advice?

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Comment by Daniel robitaille on January 24, 2014 at 11:32am

Susan how goes the fight with the rink?

My way of building up an area is to set the hose to mist and point it in the air over the spot I want the ice build up on (do this on a very cold night you get 1/2inch and hour)

You want 3-4 inches of ice or it will crack if not 100% supported

Comment by patrick summo on January 4, 2014 at 9:54am

we had same problem.break up the section,clean it out,than level some snow on it.spray it so it will have to do this a few times.the colder it is the better.hope this helps.

Comment by Magnus Leslie on January 3, 2014 at 5:03pm

Welcome to the community Susan.     I can't quite tell from your profile picture, but do you use a liner to contain the water within your boards or do you go "liner-less", ie. put down layers of water right on the ground or a base of compacted snow?

I have about a 9" slope to my rink as well (using a liner) and fill until I have 3"-4" of water at the shallow corner, which gives me ~12" of water at the deep corner.   Anything less than approximately 3" of ice will tend to crack under the weight of multiple children or adult skaters.   Assuming you have enough liner and board depth at your "deep" end, the best thing to do in my opinion is to put the hose back out there and flood the whole thing with a couple more inches of water.  

The unfrozen water will work its way under your already frozen slab and it will simply float up to the top as the new water is added.   Would mean staying off the rink for a few days (assuming you have temps well enough below freezing for the next several days to even attempt this) while the newly added water re-freezes.

If you don't have enough depth in your liner or boards at the deep end to contain a couple more inches of water, or you rink is flooded directly over the frozen ground/snow I think your only option would be to perhaps shovel some snow into the "thin" corner of your rink and then compact it down so that you build up a couple more inches of firm base.   Can feather the snow gradually out towards the middle of your rink and then lightly mist the compacted snow over a period of days to form a firm base over which you can then build up thin layers of ice to skate on.      

The latter wouldn't leave your sheet perfectly flat (since you'd be building up one corner), but if you built it up gradually enough from towards the center of your rink, the slope may not be too noticeable.

I'm sure someone else around here may have some other ideas as well.

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