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  • Rink is 20 x 40 and with the weather we've had over the past few days I hope to have it ready to go by the end of the weekend. 


  • Thanks for having me... Great site!!!
  • Thanks for the site!

    Last years ring was 40' x 80'. This is by fourth year building a rink , I think of going with a 40'x60' this year and adding boards. Time will tell.

  • Thanks for the site  !   Looking forward to being here and getting some good ideas ....have had a rink for 11 years a load of dirt in and am leveling this weekend  !    

  • Try using some shutoff valves on the garden hoses.  I leave the long/main hose outside after I finish draining it.  Shorter hoses are fed outside from the laundry sink.

    (see the pictures attached to my link).

  • Thanks.  So far so good.  Love the site.  Lots of great ideas and some great rinks.  Just getting started on this years rink...can hardly wait!

  • Yeah, always a backstory no?


    1.  Back before I wanted to play in the AHL I really played minor league baseball.

    2.  My brother is a scout for a MLB team and has been for 26 years and thinks Sabermetrics and MoneyBall is Horsesh**.

    3.  So, I use this to p*ss him off to the best of my ability.


    It works wonders!


    Thanks for having me here.  Getting ready to build my first rink for my 8 year old and my 12 year old daughter...and ME of course.  I need all the help I can get.  I am sure I will be quite active here.


  • Thanks for having me. Now lets get some cold weather!

  • Thanks!  First rink in 2009 was 64' x 36'  - due to local "competition" I had to increase it to 72' x 38' :o)  -    Truly a labor of love.  

  • Thanks for the welcome.  Will be doing my first rink this winter, need all the advice I can get.  I have a contractor coming out next week to remove stumps and skid steer the ground nice and level.  For now I'm just trying to round up supplies for the boards and lights.  My ATV may become a zamboni too!!  I'll post pic's when I can.
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