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  • Hi David !

  • Hi David,

    Thanks so much for the nice comentary.  I like your rink...too bad it wasn't a little wider.  Must be challenging getting the snow over the boards.  I don't do my backyard rink anymore, I gave it up after 13 years when the kids got older. Now I build a 55'x110' rink at the Country Club where I am general manager.  No more torn up shoulders shoveling...I have the grounds crew do it but they never get the ice as perfect as I used to.  I've very critical of ice conditions though....even at an arena.  Anyways, have fun!

    Mark Miller

  • david, the rink has been ok this year, but not has good as other years, because of warm winter.

    The rink is 34x78    Mike

  • yes, here in Southern Ontario, it's been "tropical" this season.  Our plants keep popping up in January which is atypical.  The temperature I've found needs to stay below -5degC continuously for things to stabilize.  When we have rain, +7degC and the ups and downs, the ice suffers.  Next year I'll find a way to cover the rink to keep the leaves/twigs off and make the boards very white.

  • Thanks David!  It's about time too, now where did I put that stocking cap...

  • David,

    Thanks for your comment. I have had the rink for 21 years now. There are more pics to view on my rink page, if you'd like. The rink actually won "Best Backyard Rink in America" back in 2003, with the prize being a visit from Bobby Hull, former Chicago Blackhawk. He spent the day with us. As a kid, he was my favorite player, so the day was very special. There are pics of that day on my rink page also. Thanks again.

  • David, thanks for the rink advice.  Your cover is a great idea.  I thought about a cover only for catching the twigs and leaves from the tree above.  I was thinking of using last year's tarp for that purpose.

  • Thanks David-

    Actually, one of my retired busybody neighbors was convinced that I was going to have a problem with uninvited "guests" skating on the rink during the day while my wife and I were at work, so I set up an old unused webcam to look out the window.   The EyeSpyFX thing allows free webcam broadcasting services (can also d/l a $4 iPhone app) that allows remote monitoring.  Figured it was a neat thing to paste into the rink page once I started playing around with it--and as I suspected, plenty of people politely ask permission to skate, but I have yet to have any interlopers.

    The old hockey goal is a good story, got it from an old teammate of mine as a rusting hunk of metal and dry-rotted  netting.   I've got some before/after photos somewhere, I'll post the long version here this weekend sometime, since It appears that it is going to continue to be 40+ degrees here until hell freezes over (...hmm bad choice of idiom, perhaps)

  • Thanks David.  Your's looks pretty awesome as well. Did you construct the boards yourself?  If so, how do you put the boards over the tarp? 


    Btw, thanks for the tip on vovering the rink.  Forunately, our trees in our backyard give us a lot of shade, which is probably the reason why we've had good results while others in colder weather have not.

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