01/17/2015 Morning Skate

01/17/2015 Morning Skate

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  • Hi Magnus. Thanks for the message...nice hearing from you. Sorry to hear that your rink season has not been too good. I was very skeptical about our rink this winter, even telling my boys on Christmas eve that we were not going to do it due to the warm weather forecasts. Then, on Christmas day Accuweather.Com showed a cold front (and snow, or course) coming to Denver. We immediately put the liner in and started filling (takes 2 garden hoses and 36 hours). Our first skate was on January 2 and it has been skated on 16 times.  Of course, there are the usual issues with either warm temps or snow/slush...I think we have 60 degree days headed our way next week. However, I don't stress about it anymore...I just try to deal with whatever Mother Nature dishes out and then enjoy the times when the ice is good. I hope that the weather cooperates for you up there in Minnesota and that you will have a strong finish to your season...I miss your photos/videos/live cam! Take care of yourself.

  • Hopefully another good season out there for you, David.    Frustrating year out this way.  Great cold start way back in November, but either been 40's or -5 it seems every week since.    I'd kill for some nice stable upper teen - low 20's weeks about now.

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