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  • Thanks for the invite John! Not having a lot of luck so far this year down here in Buffalo. It's been too warm. can't get under 30 for 3-4 consecutive days. So I've been able to take time with the rink construction. have you ever made doors for your rink? that's my final step this weekend and then i'm going to lay the plastic in and staple with the cardboard, thanks for the tip and then fill 3-4"

  • John I was unable to get that page to load....we are looking for the some sort of kick plate (I was thinking of the vinyl cove base in yellow that I would staple to the boards).

    Let me know if there is a better link. 


  • Thank you for accepting my request!  Found a lot of great information on this site.  Looking forward to sharing my stories and pictures!!

  • Thank you for accepting my request. I have read a lot on here already and have put some of the advice to work.

  • Yes it's solid but the cracks do not seem to be going away. I've scraped off the ice that cracked bad. I've used slush to pack the holes. I'm going to flood tonight. Could it be cause by the extreme cold temps.
  • Help my rink is cracking I'm about 10 inches thick every time I water it. It cracks. And I can hear it cracking as it freezes. I'm not using much water I've tried hot and cold both make it crack
  • Building my first back yard rink and having some issues.  There is a 9 inch slope in my yard and I can't get the ice built up on the shallow end.   There are also several pockets that break when you step on them.   A 12 inch snow just dumped on the rink.  I have shoveled off but not sure what do do now.  How do I fix the pockets and build up the shallow end.   It is 7 degrees and will be below freezing for the next few days

  • Thanks for having me. Filling with garden hose as we speak. Our rink is 40 x 80 might take a while. Only our second year, looking forward to not having a broken ankle for this season

  • thanks, looking forward to see everyone's rinks

  • Rink is 20 x 40 and with the weather we've had over the past few days I hope to have it ready to go by the end of the weekend. 


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