Winter departed for a few weeks

Skated on November 14th but today is 70 degrees on the 28th of November and we have a pond.

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  • That sucks...reminds me of our January thaw here in Southwestern Ontario Canada...grab the skimmer and get the leaf out :)

  • Not too sure what will work but I plan on just getting what I can off and out of the ice and adding more water on a cold night. Treat like a pond....skate on it when it's ready.
  • Tom,

    Stuart here on the western slope. I haven't flooded yet, but I am planning on doing so soon. Your situation looks rough. What are your plans on cleaning that up? I'm just looking for advice from an expert. 



  • Yup....after our 70 degree weather today and my swim in our hockey pool, I will effort a cleaning of the sticks and leaves
  • Hi Tom!

    We are expecting a cold winter so it should freeze up soon!

    Your  pond with a lot of leaves... you gotta get them out!!!

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